All About Watkins.Solutions

It all started when Jared was a boy. His father was counseling a man who was having anger trouble. That man brought with him a set of business cards that he had hired a local business to make for his excavation company, and he was quite frustrated - they looked terrible. They had been printed wrong, with the bottom half of the card on top, and the top half of the card on bottom.

Jared as a boyJared recognized the artwork, and he knew how to design the layout properly and print them, and so that's what he did. The next week, when the man came back for counseling, Jared presented him with the business cards. He was so happy, that he insisted on paying Jared for his work. The next week, he brought Jared another client with the same problem, and the next week after that another ... and so it began.

Pretty soon, Jared was solving other problems for local businesses. He built his first computer from scratch when he was eleven, and so he used his computer skills to help solve computer, graphics, and printing problems. He helped manage and build the local library's guest computer system. He built his first website in 1999 and began to rescue other business' websites that had been hijacked or held hostage by large, impersonal tech firms. One client got tired of calling him for help with her sign equipment, and so she gave it to Jared. Signs and banners were added to the list of services that Jared offered.

Jared and Krysta's WeddingThrough all of this, Jared realized that most business owners are passionate and skilled about one thing - their product or service. However, there are a lot of other pieces - like graphics, websites, signs, and marketing - that are needed to run a business. These other pieces require time, effort, and skills that most business owners do not have, but Jared is passionate about them. These 'missing pieces' are what Watkins.Solutions is all about.

When Jared married Krysta in 2009, he found that she had similar interests, and so she began to work right along side him in their business. Since then, they have added four new crew members: their sons: Enoch, Ezra, Ezekiel, and EdWord. Read more about the Watkins Family here.

Watkins.Solutions: Websites, Marketing, and More!

Is your website sitting around like a lazy bum, doing nothing? We can help you fix your website, or start from scratch!

Websites that Connect

Websites that ConnectIt is essential in today's world to have a website, because people are online first thing, even before they have brushed their teeth, and certainly check your website before making an in-person visit. More specificially, you need a website that connects you to your niche client. If your website is not reaching your intended audience, it is pointless.

Websites that Do

Websites that DoYour website should be functional - doing something that saves you time. It should be fast - loading quickly, no matter what device or location. It should be found - optimized for search engines and other marketing. It should be fantastic - designed to match your unique personality.

Marketing that Works

Marketing that WorksMarketing is communication. When you have communicated your solution to the person who has the problem, you have succeeded. There are dozens of ways to market your solutions, and we'll help you make a plan and execute it.

 Let's Make A Plan

Other Solutions

Your business is like a giant puzzle, with pieces that must be filled in order to reveal success. We help you fill in those missing pieces so that you can focus on what you are passionate about - your key products and services. What piece is missing from your business?

  • Graphic Design - logos, print layout, video design, and more.
  • Signage - signs, banners, storefront windows, and vehicle graphics.
  • Payments - credit card and eCheck (ACH) processing and integration into your store or website.
  • Consulting - Planning, paperwork, workflow design, and system integration.

Jared Watkins has been helping businesses succeed since 1999.

Jared & Krysta Watkins